EPFO Unified portal login uan portal by uan member login

Unified portal login registration and uan number activation for downloading uan passbook, initiate pf transfer, withdrawal request, update address mobile number on the unified member portal.

Benefits of New uan unified member portal

The universal account number gives multiple benefits to the employees

  • The global account number offer you to obtain the EPF passbook
  • Once you get the UAN activation, then you could easily know about the EPF balance status via the SMS, email or missed call.
  • The UAN is mechanically transferring the EPF balance from one account to another account after quite a job.
  • Employees can quickly withdraw the EPF money with the combination of UAN and aadhar card usage.
  • An Individual can withdraw the Pf amount without the help of employer signature with the connectivity of aadhar card with the UAN facilities.
  • You can download the updated EPF passbook
  • The updated passbook will tell you the PF balance
  • And the EPF balance amount can be used for taking the personal loan.
  • With uan uan unified member portal member can link your previous PF accounts
  • employees can upload the KYC data
  • members can change your mobile number and email address with the help of UAN.
  • And you can also apply for the PF transfer through the online.
  • You check your PF account balance and UAN facilities by giving a single missed call.

New unified Portal Login for members here https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/

Unified uan portal login registration process

The EPFO provide the universal account number to each employer, and when an employee gets the salary slip, the UAN number is printed on the slip.  The UAN number is most important for all the staff.   You required submitting to get the universal account number for your Pf account.  The needed details are

  • Login the UAN unified member portal official page by creating the login id and password
  • Pf number (every employer get the Pf number from the salary slip.
  • Submit the exact date of birth of yours. And most importantly you have to provide the data of birth as with the record of EPFO because some of the times it will differ.
  • Enter your name with the correct spelling as per the PF records.
  • Give the mobile number; you will receive the UAN number through your mobile number.
  • Enter the Login I and password to submit your details to get the UAN number
  • passbook available at www.epfindia.gov.in >> our services >> for employees >> member passbook

Epfo uan Unified portal mobile authorization update

  • After completion of all the procedures, you will receive the UAN pin number on your cell phone.
  • Then you will find the column as the name of entering the authorization pin.
  • After getting the Pin number, you have to get into that pin number in the given column.
  • Then click on the checkbox button as I agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Finally, click on the submit button
  • In the next page, you can see your UAN account number in the green color font
  • The message would be like this you’re UAN XXXXXXXXXXXX.
  • Then login UAN official website with the help of user Id and password selected by you.
  • Finally, you receive an SMS with the universal account number. Then you can log in immediately to the new unified portal, not the uan member portal.

UAN activation process at Unified portal

The UAN is available to you with the various online facilities so you can activate your UAN number within five to ten minutes.  The UAN activation can be completed via the universal account number portal, EPF application. And you can also activate your UAN number through the SMS from the registered mobile number. You have to activate your universal account number to get the new benefits.

Reason for use the universal account number portal

The universal number of EPF has its self-universal account number member portal. The UAN portal supports and handles each UAN related operations. With the use of this UAN Unified portal, you can access lots and lots of things like

  • you can check out your EPF passbook,
  • and you can upload the aadhar documents
  • As well as the KYC documents.
  • You can also connect your past EPF account number with the help of uan Unified portal.
  • And the universal account number activation is also completed via this universal account number portal.

Unified uan portal services

Know your uan number status

  1. Check uan number status at newly unified portal https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/.
  2. Click on the Know your UAN  then you will be landed on the uan status form. Check this image.
  3. Enter one of below details Member id also known as pf number or PAN number else enter the Aadhaar number.
  4. Name, DOB, Email; Phone verify then you will get the uan number details by SMS.

Check the detailed information at uan status page.

Activate uan number at unified portal

Once you know the uan number of epfo, Then you have to enable the registration with uan portal for epfo uan login.

  1. For this, every epfo members have to visit the uan portal activate uan based login for availing services by the epfo portal.
  2. You can enter pf number or uan number PAN, and Aadhaar Number details automatically retrieve from the epfo database.
  3. Enter the email id, phone number and name fill the captcha verify the number.
  4. uan activation part 2 is setting the password for uan portal login.
  5. Finish uan registration by login into unified uan portal today.

Step by step detailed instructions available on uan activation page.

Check epf balance at Unified member portal

we may already know there are 7+ possible ways to check epf balance online. But why uan members do uan login for checking the pf balance online. Because uan portal provides bundled service for epfo members including updating KYC data, file a pf transfer or withdrawal request, etc. Anyway, if you want to download the uan passbook to know the epf balance, just log into uan portal on the desktop click on view Passbook option.

Download pf passbook by UAN

For more details check epf balance enquiry page.

How to do epfo uan login at unified portal?

Visit the unified portal member interface and enter the uan number and your password. uan password was the one when you created while activating the uan login registration. If you forgot the uan password, you could reset on the portal with the help of registered mobile number. In case mobile number changed and forgot the password. Then members have to contact the uan helpdesk portal. And create a support ticket for that. withing few days your problem may solve for more on this page uan helpdesk portal.

uan login with uan number and password is possible not with pf number or member id, uan login.

UAN Unified memberPortal benefits:

Earlier than UAN you needed to observe up with the company to forward claims regarding provident fund transfer or withdrawal. Now using UAN, the requests can be effortlessly submitted online. It saves a variety of time. Usually, it takes sometimes to do provident fund transfers and withdrawals. Now because of UAN, you can keep that point. This technique increases the transparency. If you subscribe, then possibly get month-to-month SMS signals on PF deposits and stability. Earlier than UAN, you need to record the complete PF for future reference. Now with UAN, you can test all the information of provident fund bills at one particular place.

  1. Automatic PF Transfer with Aadhaar Number
  2. No employer requirement in pf withdrawal
  3. Update new Address on epfo unified members Portal.
  4. Change Mobile Number and Email with uan portal login and much more.

Change Mobile Number In Uan Portal Forgotten Password

EPF is also known as Employee Provident Fund useful for several employees who are under private sectors. Already, many employees have epf account and efficiently make use of their small savings in their monthly salary for the bigger expense in the future. Whatever, it may be small, or big company has been offering the epf account for every employee for getting several benefits. Many candidates have trouble in various things after the use of Unified portal as well as access to the mobile phone. Here, you can see the main issue and how to solve without trouble via online.

Simple steps to change mobile number in uan portal for forgotten password:-

  • The first thing, the user should make use of the official unified member portal of epf.
  • The new homepage includes various details and notifications related to the search.
  • After that, you have to click forgot the password.
  • Now, the user has to give the appropriate UAN number as well check out the captcha under and verify it.
  • The mobile number mapped to the user UAN. If want to change the current mobile number just update it on uan portal.
  • Now, the desktop screen asks the user to provide the apt details like name of the candidate, gender, date of birth, KYC type along with document number.
  • The KYC type should be aadhaar or PAN account just choose any of the available document types on a Unified portal.
  • It is almost mandatory for the next process.
  • Enter all the details carefully without illegal entries in the field.
  • Finally, you have to check twice any mistakes and verify the document number.
  • Now, you have to provide the mobile number.
  • Click the authorized pin.
  • Now, you will get authorized pin for further access.

UAN Portal services Unified

The UAN is a unique 12 digit number correctly provided to each candidate who has0 employee provident fund account and member in the organization. The user can control epf account and reduce the employer role and the UAN function role umbrella for the different employee provident fund numbers or other member id assigned to the candidate by various companies. The main aim of the offering the facility to correlate several employee provident fund number of an employee to a single universal account number.

Now, the online service is specially provided by the government for all the epf members to make use if the feature necessary. The online facility is helpful to check out the pf transfer status, KYC upload, download pf passbook and pf balance. The UAN is almost making the process simple, and you don’t want account regularly. It is immensely easier one to the UAN password forgotten and access the UAN number by the use of checking UAN status. The user can ease reset the password by the use of mobile number and UAN number. However, you don’t need to access the mobile number of UAN account without using the password. If you lost both, it is surely difficult to get it back.

Change mobile number @Unified member portal:-

The user of the epf account who already registered any of the mobile numbers is the essential factor in resetting the UAN password. If you lost the mobile number, which you registered don’t worry register with the new mobile number.Registering the new mobile number achieves via employer and the user of the UAN has the need to write an application of the employee. In addition to, you have to request for the new mobile number registration process. The employer application should be attested and submit to any of the regional pf nearby offices.

The employee should the forward the application and send it via speed post. Later 15 days, the applicant will receive SMS based on the new mobile number registration. The SMS will be sent directly to the new mobile number provided on the application form.

Reset UAN password With New Mobile number @unfied Portal:-

The EPFO provided the new scheme to solve several problems like forget the password and some of the significant issues. You don’t worry anymore after you going to use this method and meet the expectations. You can simply get the solution from the epfo online website. In general, the UAN portal doesn’t appropriate link, so you have to enter into the employees’ section to engage in the new UAN helpdesk.

This UAN helpdesk link directs the UAN user to the new unified member Portal helpdesk page. Mainly, the helpdesk contains specific windows for the employer and each employee. Now, you have to enter into the employee window and access the helpdesk page. It shows the list of difficulties while you access UAN and do a search for resetting the password without using mobile.

Forgot uan password and mobile number changed.

After, the submission the user will receive OTP for the further verification process. Now, you have to bear in mind providing the OTP and just submit the application form. It will create new application ID. You have to keep it safe for future use, and the Unified member portal will determine the issue and give the new password to the new mobile number.

Once, you finished registration get UAN activated and log in now. The user has to log into the particular UAN member portal via online and access UAN account and make sure the balance, pf status, and some others. For those epfo users forgotten their UAN password registered mobile number enough to solve the problem. On the EPFO portal, you can access the epfo account via UAN proof of identification number like Aadhaar card number, PAN number, etc. or done instantly through the registered mobile number.

Online is the ideal place for all the users to get in touch knowing pf status and solving problems related to query without difficulties. You can explain the forgotten password simply by the details mentioned above and make it use at any time and from anywhere. The online facility specially intended based on the user’s easiness and trouble-free. Get ready to visit the Unified member portal and solve the problem with the practical guides.

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