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epf balance uan ,PF balance check uan passbook enquiry

EPF balance is the amount which is found in the EPF account. It consists of the amount deducted every month from your salary. The amount should be contributed to the EPF account by your employer. Also, it can be a good indicator of your retirement savings which take part in collecting the lump sum at the end. It gives access to the employees to get quick access related to the PF account balance. The salaried employee takes real action on checking the EPF which gives valuable insights into the status of your account. For instance, you wish to take part in providing the EPF balance and check it again.

How to enquiry the EPF balance statement passbook?

If you want to avail a loan, it keeps track against the EPF loan amount that consists of available one for the users. Finding out the EPF balance was not an easy task rather it filled with pure information proceed by the online EPF India balance check facility. Within few minutes, you can get access to check the EPF balance by taking simple procedure for it. However, there is the different method available to check the EPF balance uan, and you should pick the best one for your need. In addition, the EPF checking process takes you to meet proper guidance on checking reliable balance by using the required steps. Hence, the EPF balance should be checked by using several steps and find easy for the users.

How to check the EPF balance online?

  • At first, the online is the best method which allows you to check the EPF balance in a simple manner. It discussed with the below steps for checking the balance precisely and efficiently.
  • At first, you need to keep your EPF account number in hand, and it is most relevant information on the checking process
  • Click the official link and search the button “Know your pf balance” at the bottom of the page.

epf statement status at

  • After that, the user has to select the State of the Office where account is maintained
  • As soon as the page opens, it lists with city offices, and you have to choose the desired one. The particular town and EPF office must click from the list that shows down.
  • Now, you have to fill the EPF account number, your name mentioned in EPF records and your mobile number. In that case, three digits number not be listed in the box and proceed to next step
  • The two alphabets in the EPF account number provides the code for the region and next proceeds for PF office
  • After the process completed, click submit and the EPF balance uan will send you via SMS alerts on your mobile number.

Checking via epf member balance via UAN

UAN is the Universal Account Number which is required to check the EPF balance quickly. Before proceeding, you have to read the following steps to check the balance on your account number.

  • Open the web page of official portal UAN
  • Enter the UAN number in the box
  • Provide mobile number in the column of UAN
  • Select your state of PF and choose your particular EPF office from the list and enter the city
  • Fill the captcha code that is prompted by the system and finally member receive the pin and check details of EPF balance.

Important points to keep when checking EPF India balance

With the new technology was introduced, the maintenance and checking EPF balance is very simple as well as faster for the users. However, certain steps have to follow and keep in mind about the important things forever.

  • For registration at member, you have to enter the mobile number for registration
  • It can be useful at the time of EPF account details, and more accounts should be accessed
  • One member of the portal can view a maximum of 10 EPF Balance for 10 accounts.
  • You can also add multiple ids for checking the balance and so allows you to make identity proof number during the time
  • In case you wish to see the last seven-month balance, you can go with “view passbook” and get details about the statement for the last months
  • Under the member option, you can click balance/passbook to getting UAN number once registers to the mobile number. After that, the system will verify the account and mobile number by UAN process.
  • Each and every user allows checking EPF balance by using missed call alerts and SMS alerts. In fact, you will alert by using the registered mobile number at the respective banks.

Various ways check epf balance with uan number

Epfo providing 7ways to check epf balance. there are available in online and mobile. if you check epf balance, hence follow online portal either mobile or mobile app.

there is 7 way to check contribution of pf balance.

uan member portal use to download passbook

It is recently launched by Epfo. this is the separate portal of pf balance,  how long time not working uan portal so Epfo release uan based member passbook portal. This portal used to download directly in your passbook.

This portal designs only pf passbook downloads purpose. You want to download passbook before you were registered in uan member portal.

you need to download epf passbook first of all registered uan member portal. you registered today the passbook available next day. because verify your all details and documents.

If you download epf passbook when open and follow steps

  • open member passbook login page
  • Now open new screen
  • Enter UAN no and password
  • then the click login button
  • After open new window then click on passbook download/print.
  • then save pf passbook in pdf format.

check all details in your monthly contribution amount. this portal use only downloads passbook.

Uan member portal use to check epf balance

In this portal use to check pf balance. Epfo released this portal in 2012 and still working. employees convince to release the portal. it is used to check epf balance any time any were.

  • Open uan member portal
  • Then enter uan number and password
  • click sign button. Open employees information window
  • In above corner see Passbook download/print.
  • If you want to download click download button save pdf format or if you want to print click print button, now print all details.
  • View all details of pf account.

now you will check epf balance in monthly contribution amount and yearly contribution amount. In this amount able to withdraw after 5years due to adding tax exemption.

Epfo portal use to check epf balance

This is the first releasing portal, In this portal use check the epf balance uan but someday work after server slow run. Again update portal now fast run. these portal use to check pf account balance. you need check pf balance simply follow us.

  • Open EPFO portal.
  • Then enter pf account and password
  • After click login button.
  • then open new window click passbook you will date to date information

you are pf account balance details and transaction details, pension details more available.

Mobile app to check epf balance

In this way check, pf balance employees must have the android mobile.

open play store in your mobile. then download epfo portal and install. open epf app and click member portal. After registering your details then you will check pf balance details.

download the epfo app here.

Monthly update SMS alerts

Every employee monthly contributed in pf account. In this account balance information get in SMS every employee but the employee must be registered mobile number in uan member portal. After inform every month pf balance with SMS alerts.

Give a missed call into epfo toll-free number

It is very easy registered mobile number to give missed the call from toll-free number hence you will get pf balance information through SMS. In this toll-free is 011221406.

chek epf balance by Uan Passbook: for downloading uan passbook from the unified uan portal, epfo members must opt for uan activation along with uan status.


Check pf balance with uan

The employee provident fund is used for the employee after their retirement. It is a retirement scheme offered by the employee provident fund organization. This type of retirement plan is available for all salaried employees. It is important for all employees to register with the employee provident fund organization. The employee can get the universal account number from the organization. They provide the separate for each employee for the purpose of checking the provident fund balance. With the help of the universal account number, the employee can check their balance easily.

Apart from the universal account number, they can also check the epf balance through SMS, missed call services, mobile app and others. The universal account number comes with the unique twelve-digit number and it is the simplified process to the provident fund. The employee can also check pf balance with uan is the simplest process for them. This is the unified process under the universal account number. It is quickly allotted for all the employees and checks the balance easily with this number. The employee must keep on the number until their retirement. You must register with the portal to get the number that is useful for checking the balance, passbook download, and other things.

Steps to check the PF balance online epf portal {depreciated}:

  • First, the employee needs to enter the basic details like EPFO office, provident account number, the full name of the employee, and registered mobile number.
  • Visit the official site of the EPF organization and then find the balance page to enter below type of details.
  • You can click on the link for the provident fund balance displayed at the bottom of the page.
  • Then, the users select the provident fund office from the states menu box.
  • You can select the provident fund office listed on the page and then click it.
  • At this time, you can enter the provident fund account number, name, mobile number and other details appeared in the form.
  • The first two letters of the provident fund account number describe the code for state and the next three letters describe the provident fund office region. This may work after some time checking epf balance with Pf Number.
  • You can fill up all the details properly and then click on the submit button displayed in the form.
  • Within few minutes, you can receive the provident fund balance to your mobile and must provide the registered number to the provident fund organization.

epf  balance enquiry wit UAN  {epf passbook}:

This is very important for every employee to get it from the employee provident fund organization. In these days, you can get the universal account number with the aadhar card comes very handy and easy. There are various ways that the employee can link the aadhar card to the USN and others. There are certain things should be considered for this process and make the changes in the withdrawal facility.

  • The universal account number is used for the checking the EPF balance.
  • The employee can view and download the pf passbook to know the uan balance in their account.
  • It is useful for updating the details and provident fund information can be done on the official portal.
  • They can use the aadhar card number, passport, driving license for the KYC checking purpose.
  • They will use only one number and it is pretty much related to the income tax and acquire one number all their life.
  • With the UAN number, the employers can also use the portal to check the details of the employee.
  • The employee can also file a claim in the online mode through the universal account number and the organization provides the new rules for checking the details.
  • The employer can also correct the employee information through the uan and also view the employee’s uan number as well.
  • You can also add the mobile and email id to know the customer information details as well as change the details as possible.
  • The Passbook is the best way to check the balance through the universal account number.

Steps to check the PF balance with UAN:

If you have the number, you can quickly check the balance through the official site of the employee provident fund. The employees check epf balance with uan is launched by the employee provident fund organization. They provide the unique number to every employee provident fund members. This number does not change for any purpose while the employees change the company. It is the unique number for the employee enrolled under the provident fund scheme. This can be generated when you login into the employee provident fund website. The employee can get the account information or balance information only through the registered universal account number. The employer should register the information about the employee through the universal account number and ensure all the formalities related to the provident fund.

pf balance check by uan number login

  • The unified portal provides the official link for the universal account number member page of the organizations.
  • Nowadays UAN Activation is necessary for checking epf balance whole process goes here UAN Portal registration.
  • The employees just enter the universal account number and password if they already activate the uan registration.
  • Otherwise, click on the tap for activating the Epf UAN based registration display at the bottom of the page.
  • The employees click the box for reading and understanding the instruction for activating the number and change the other details.
  • Now the employees enter the UAN and mobile number.
  • After that, the employees select the state and employee provident fund organization office from the menu box.
  • The employees enter the member id in the relevant field and click on get PIN button.
  • They can receive the PIN to the registered mobile number and submit the PIN number to complete the activation process.
  • Once the activation process is successfully completed, the employee creates the login ID and password.
  • You can check the epf balance anytime with the universal account number and also used to create a login id and password.
  • The employees can obtain the uan number from the employer in order to activate the registration at the know uan status page.

you could know epf balance by download uan or epf passbook from above the link. However, e are also including uan login portal link below with epfindia,

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