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Wonderful Benefits to access the PF money from the corpus The EPFO is an employee’s provident fund organization. It is India’s mandatory saving and social security plan for employees. EPFO is provided by the government and private companies to the employees.  It is a part of your salary and every month your part of the salary is deducted and deposited on your behalf.  This process is similar to both the private and government companies. When you fixed to leave the company then you can apply and withdraw that saved amount from the bank.  It is one of the retirement benefit scheme, which is obtainable to all the salaried employees. This employee’s provident fund is maintained by the EPFO and those who have run the company with over the 20 employees as per the law.

Benefits of EPFO Employee Provident fund organization

It is a very important tool for retirement planning. And the employees can access various benefits from the EPFO.  And EPFO fulfill another kind of significant roles in your living life such as

  • Insurance benefits
  • Special occasions
  • Education need
  • Marriage goals
  • Buy a dream house
  • Medical emergency and much more.

Insurance benefits: the EPFO covers the premium facilities including the life insurance.  Presently the insurance cover the amount is higher than two times compare to existing rules.  It covers 20 times of the average salary of the past 12 months.  You can get your half of the amount or full amount from your PF account in the way of insurance.  This insurance amount will help to manage your economic problems.

Special occasions: you can access this EPFO money if any occasions are going to happen in your family.  It comes with the handy and it brings the great options to withdraw the money from the bank within a particular limit.  If you are planning to go occasion you can withdraw your EPF amount.

List of all EPFO Services to members

  1. pf balance,
  2. uan portal,
  3. uan passbook,
  4. pf withdrawal,
  5. pf transfer,
  6. epf claim status,
  7. uan status,
  8. uan activation.

EPFO Scheme benefits for social needs

Education need: it is most important one for accessing the EPF money.  In the region, half of the persons experienced their own educational expenses or their sibling’s educational expense at that time the EPF money helps to you for leaving the most complicated situations of educational needs.

Marriage goals:  you can withdraw 50 % of your EPF money from the corpus for marriage goals.  And you can take this benefits three times in your life. These benefits are only available for those who are experienced in the same company over seven to eight years.

Buy a dream house: everyone dreaming of buying the new luxuries residents for their living life but they don’t have sufficient money to buy home.  So you can withdraw your EPF money from the bank under the conditions of the organization. If you wish to repay the amount the bank will give the time to repay that amount within 36 months.  The most important thing is the resident should be in name of you and your spouse or children’s.

Medical emergency: the EPF provides benefits for major surgical operations in a hospital and if you are suffering the TB, cancer, leprosy, heart-related diseases you can get the medical emergency benefits from your EPF money.  These benefits can be suitable for you and your spouse, children and also your parents.

How to withdraw EPF amount at epfo portal?

You can’t able to withdraw your EPF amount while you are still employed but there is a chance to withdraw your money like when your quite pout your job and when you’re retired from the company.  This withdrawal process very simple and easy

  • You can apply for the PF amount withdrawal through the universal account number.
  • If you the UAN account holder then you can directly apply for PF withdrawal without any employer’s approval to getting the application process.
  • And the other way is you can directly withdraw the PF amount through submitting your Pf withdrawal application to the Pf office.
  • You have to submit the attested copy of the application from any bank manager, sub-post master, magistrate, president of the village panchayat, a Gazetted officer and also the notary public.
  • And another way is you can withdraw your Pf money without the employer signature with the help of aadhar card.
  • Using the aadhar for withdrawing the Pf amount is very simple and easy process just by linking your aadhar card to the member portal.
  • The aadhar card and bank account are verified by the organization when you apply to withdraw the Pf money after you quit or retired from the company.

Employment Provident Fund (EPFO)

Employment Provident Fund (EPFO) is providing make a better service for employees.  There are three social security schemes providing for employees, this is providing for employees working commitments in companies and new establishments, this is employees to effort to make better service providing in EPFO. EPFO services all are easily understood and easily make them.

This is services available for men’s and women employees also. This is services have been explained in documents and presentations of ms office.

These are bellow services providing by EPFO

  • UAN Services (member)
  • uan Passbook detail of member services.
  • Claims portal and online transfer services.
  • Know your claim status
  • EPFiGMS (Register your Grievance)
  • COC fillable application form
  • And also provide pensioner’s portal

EPFO and UAN Service

Epfo providing the UAN portal service, this UAN portal available in

  1. Uan login process
  2. UAN activation process
  3. Know your uan process
  4. unlock  uan process
  5. forgot recovery uan process

UAN login  methods

First of all open epfo proving UAN portal website.  Then display the login or sign page, now, Enter the knowing UAN number and password, then after clicking the sign in button, now display your epfo details and check them all epfo details.

UAN Activation process

Epfo UAN signed before, one condition provides this are uan logged before activate your uan account after singing in the account. This activation process is open epfo providing UAN portal, then after click Activate UAN text, now open new window enter knowing fields then after click Get authorized Pin, you got pin in authorized mobile number, this pin submit bellow field, in few seconds to activate your epfo account, above similar process to follow login your account.

Know your UAN

EPFO service providing this link also, this is used to activate your uan account. UAN web portal used to open know your uan form enter knowing details and submit button click then after you get PIN number in authorized mobile number. This pin number submitted after few seconds to activate you epfo account and same as following above fields to login in your account number.

UAN unlock methods

Open uan portal, this is providing EPFO, uan website open now, click unlock UAN text click. Then after open uan unlock from open this form in entering fields. Get authorized pin button click, you have received pin number in registered mobile number. This Pin submitted after few seconds to activate your epfo account,

Same above process to log in and check the balance and transfer money.

UAN forgot process recovery process

Employees sometimes forgot password this type of employers to provide EPFO service recovery method. UAN portal open after click forgot the password, then open form, enter all fields and click  Get authorized pin, you will received pin number and submit pin number and enter the new password, confirm a password, and submitted now your password is recovered.  Same will follow above methods to log in to your account.

Member Passbook Facility service

EPFO also providing epf member passbook facility, this service use to any time any checked your pf balance, and download facility also available in this service.

Open EPFO portal and click the above services, navigate to click employee’s service. After open service menu of an epfo portal. Then bellow text Member passbook click to pen new window, now enter 12 digits of UAN no and the password click login button, check the balance and download passbook and check transaction details.

Claim portal and online transactions OTCP

Epfo services providing claim portal. Open claim status information form, select Office and Employee PF account number and state and city, then after submitting below page in display claim information.

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