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pf claim status check epfo claim status by uan & claim id

pf claim status Chennai, hyderabad, Tamilnadu, up, Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, Gurgaon. PF can now access via online within few steps and enable the users to follow the best procedure for checking it. However, there are several ways available to check the PF claim status in a simple manner. The online provides the simple way to access various employees who have no idea about how to access the checking status and claiming status forever. With the related features, you can grab attention on choosing the different actions on checking the application status forever. Within few minutes, you may check the claim status and provides the official portal for checking the status in a simple manner. For this, the customers can use the online procedure for checking the application status of PF.

How to check the PF claim status in few steps?

You can check the PF claim status online by using the few steps and register the mobile number for SMS and missed call alerts to the user. To access this service, his/her account should access to this service.

  • Now, you need to open the EPFO website.
  • Click on For Employees under the Epfo services section.
  • Click the Know your claim status and consider the service section.
  • After proceeding to next page, press on click here for knowing the pf claim status.
  • Immediately a new page will open with a single click and select the state of PF office
  • In the chosen list, you have to enter the particular city that makes EPFO check it
  • After selecting the EPF office, you can claim the drop-down menu to the bottom and access the information about claim status.

you may know existing claims status on unified member Portal dashboard.

  1. Track by claim Id. @ UAN member Portal (login view claim status)
  2. Epfo claim status by Pf Number
  3. Also even we track pf transfer and withdrawal status with UAN Number.

track pf claim status by PF Number.  (we can detail by SMS)

pf claim status using uan

Common codes: epf claim status shows payment under process (wait for 2-3days to credit to bank)

Checking Pf claim status by pf Number epfo portal

  • You have to enter the office code and region by selecting it in the box.
  • It automatically collects the relevant data from the toolbar and shows details of the PF claim status.
  • Once it shows the city code, the establishment code of the employer should be found in the 3rd box.
  • You have to enter the sub-code which consists of maximum seven digits long in the 5th box
  • Next, fill in your account number and recheck all the fields and click on submit it
  • You can now view the status of the PF claim status once you did this procedure.

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Benefits of checking PF claim status via online

However, there are several benefits are available for the folks who need to check the PF status via online. So, they have to check the status with the help of EPF claim status and shows excellent features for everyone.

  • It allows you to view the claim status online and recommend with concerned EPFO office
  • You can check the PF balance which has been activated earlier
  • It provides simple and access free process to view claim status of PF
  • Every status is updated till now, and you can get account details too

What are the necessary things to track pf claim status?

If you want to track the claim status, you need to grab attention on following things to do it without any hassle.  Hence, the required step is very important for tracking the PF claim status and finds the easy way for everyone.

  • Check your valid EPF account number
  • Find original office of your employer his/her account maintained
  • Provides correct establishment code/company code and extension code

Checking pf claim status via mobile app

Luckily, the mobile app is good for mobile application from the EPFO website to check the details forever. Also, the pensioner and member account should be checked with the status and claim report.  Moreover, this is efficient for the people to check the status via a mobile app. It will tell you whether it is approved or pending.

Checking transfer claim status

You would have access to request the transfer the PF amount by checking the claim status and transfer claim. If you are the membership, you will surely access to this claim status checking and use it easily. Your account will be checked online and transfer the claim details by SMS approval. Sometimes, the portal shows no record of PF withdrawal to the account number. You may give the proper detail correctly and consider arises the problem if enter any details. In the case of the wrong PF, you should start the claim status in the new page and fill the detail in the new page. In fact, you can upload the files and attach it before proceeding to the claim status checking. However, the user submits the problem if they persist the same issues for checking it.

check epfo claim status here

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