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Pf transfer at OTCP Portal Transfer epf fund online to another company

Simple Steps For Users To Know PF Transfer online OTCP portal. EPF is an employee provident fund used for the worker to make their savings from their earning monthly income. Each and every individual have been spending most of the time on the working platform and they retired from the company. Mainly, the private sector changes of the job become the exception. The worker shifts their job and workplace from one region to various place.

When the employee shifts their jobs get rid of paperwork, join anywhere, collect dues and the worker completely forget essential benefits of the epf package. The Pf transfer is an essential factor should consider before leaving or shifting to another company. The workers also transfer epf account into new one. The transferring of epf account isn’t difficult task and it completely easier one after the accessibility of an online.

why do PF transfer instead of withdrawal:-

Initially, the pf is the essential one for all workers to get a certain amount of money for their full effort in the company. While the worker changing their jobs and enroll as a new worker, an employee have flexible choice to finish or quite the pf account nevertheless open new one. But, the wiser to old pf transfer into the new pf account. In the past days, the transferring of pf account engage lot of paperwork like submission of transform form from old account to newer one, but the online give the support to make their transfer completely easier without trouble.

Benefits of epf transfer online OTCP:-

While you close the epf old account earlier 2 or 3 years, the fund becomes taxable amount. However, you transfer the account you can get the hard earned money full. You can also make use of partial pf withdrawal option in the pf funds for various reasons like house construction, medical expense, marriage expense, children education, and some others. You can earn prevail interest rates from epf for a longer period it will substantial amount because of compounding of power.

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Steps for online pf transfer member claims portal OTCP:-

Here, you can take a look at the upcoming simple steps and try to transfer via an online platform.

  • The first thing, you have to enter into the online epfo portal
  • Bear in mind that you should create UAN login ID.
  • Now, you have to give valid UAN, contact number and essential details like the current state of the employee, account number and establishment number.
  • And then, you have to check out the account eligible to pf transfer epfo portal.
  • You have to fill the basic details of the worker location and find by establishment number or name in the dropdown menu.
  • After the completion of filling all the necessary epfo employee details and click eligibility.
  • Now, the site will display your epf account eligible or not and you can register on the online epfo portal.
  • You have to provide valid worker clear photo ID like Aadhaar, or driving license or PAN card.
  • You can also get secret PIN number into your mobile phone to verify.

PF Transfer online at OTCP Portal Part II

  • After the successful submission of PIN number and you can get the confirmation message.
  • You have to continue further and you can see the epfo claims portal.
  • For login process, you have to give ID and exact phone number.
  • After you sign in, now you can available options.
  • You have to see above on the webpage for transfer option and lick transfer account.
  • You have to access and complete PF transfer online form.
  • It includes three board divisions in the following.
  • You have to give personal details like name, bank IFSC code and salary account number in the form.
  • In the next part, you have to enter certain details like old pf account.
  • In the third part, you have to enter the current pf account details.
  • After the successful completion of the form, you have to make sure all the things given details correctly or not or need to modify.
  • After the completion of checking process, you have to carefully provide the captcha correctly and get PIN.
  • Now, you can click below I Agree for further process.
  • After you provide the PIN number and transfer started.

You can check out the pf transfer status in the unified login portal and make sure the funds transfer via online and it surely makes easier the person without the wait for much time. For the future need of epf account access, use the valid ID and stay in touch with the online.

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