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Step-By-Step Guides To pf Withdrawal Easily The individual who are the epf account holder can get a lot of benefits all the time without a doubt. Whatever, the firm you enroll in the private sector, you can get the essential benefit of epf account savings every month for personal expense. Mainly, the employee pf withdrawal option can be filed through the previous employer. Several companies will request a duly filled epf withdrawal form with a bank cheque and get the pf through EPF office. You have to get in touch with the earlier worked company manager is the right way for further process.

Why don’t do earlier pf withdrawal:-

The pf amount gradually increases and store in the account until the worker retirement from the firm. PF is the best economic platform assist to save special fund every month with the interest rate of 8.75%. In addition to, the pf account tax-free and the employee surely get extreme benefits. Bear in mind, the available profits in the use of epf.

  • PF fund is the big amount you can get up to retirement, and you don’t touch or expand the amount otherwise, you will lose the benefits.
  • The individual who withdraws pf amount in the initial five years needs to pay earned tax on the interest.
  • Or else, the interest rates on pf amount free of tax.
  • If you change your job, you can transfer pf account quickly into the new firm.

Usually, the 12% of pf amount in the basic salary every month transfer to the pf account.

Feasible ways for pf withdrawal:-

Mainly, the withdrawal pf amount isn’t facilitating while you currently employ and you can see certain ways to get withdrawal option like while you change job or don’t need to get the transfer of pf account.

The form number 19 is appropriate for the worker withdrawal epf amount or can download from the official online portal. Besides, the employee should complete the application accurately to withdrawal pf amount. Once, the employee duly submitted the application to the epf office, the FUND and earned interest rate provide to the employee in three months from the application date.

  • Apply pf withdrawal fund via UAN portal: If you own UAN, you can apply directly for pf withdrawal. You don’t need any earlier workers approval for getting right application process. Moreover, the challenge is the right choice for most of the workers don’t share UAN with others, and absence of UAN Number No pf withdrawal is possible unless in a unique situation.
  • Submit pf withdrawal form directly to pf office: You can get epf withdrawal application, fill with proper details and send directly to the epf office. Here, you have to make sure identity attestation because of the identification right person or not applying for the withdrawal. The PF withdrawal application needs to be attested by the following authorities in the following:
  • A gazetted officer.
  • Any bank manager.
  • Sub-post master, magistrate, notary public, president of the village panchayat.

Note: NO UAN & Aadhaar No pf withdrawal

The direct method needs to spend your valuable time a lot so you have to change into the online option to reduce spending time.

Check other things epf balance, uan status, uan activation and visit the uan unified portal.

Pf withdrawal process without employee signature:-

Getting a previous employer signature not easier task and extremely difficult if you have lost the job. It is essential for workers to have proper attestation to make use of the withdrawal feature. Now, the epfo make the process simple by the introduction of login epfo portal and the UAN make everything easier relevant to epf. The possible steps for pf withdrawal like without employee signature aadhaar card and next without aadhaar card.

The Impact of aadhaar card in Pf withdrawal:-

  • You have to early link the aadhaar card with the epfo online portal without attestation from the worker to continue the further process.
  • The salary account details and aadhaar card should correctly verify the employee and details embedded in the online official epfo portal.
  • You have to makes sure activation of UAN. Because of, you can make withdrawal PF without employer signature.

Pf withdrawal forms

  • Bear in mind; you have to download Form 19, 31 and 10c.
  • You have to provide the worker name, aadhaar card, bank account, registered contact details, PAN card details, address, explanation of leaving the job and joining date.
  • Form 19 UAN for pf withdrawals.
  • Form 10c UAN for pf withdrawals from pension benefits.
  • Attach canceled cheque to verify bank account number by epfo, and you have to submit the application as well as canceled check to the nearby epf office.
  • You have to note the bank account and UAN database match details mentioned in the application.

How to withdraw pf without leaving job?

Just made a claim at epfo OTCP portals sure to check pf withdrawal eligibility before applying in case of your making pf withdrawal rules 8est offline check the available forms for your criteria here

PF withdrawal eligibility & tax: After six months with tax by 10% without PAN 20% without PAN but if your pf limited below to 50,000 then no tax levied on the pf. After five years no tax.

How to withdraw pf amount from the previous company online?

Check the epfo services for the employee here.

  1. Visit the member claim portal AKA epfo OTCP online claim transfer portal.
  2. check eligibility if you eligible fill the
  3. Uan number pf account details
  4. aadhar
  5. pan card
  6. bank account details  (IfSC, account number and member name exactly as in the pf account name)
  7. to credit pf money to the bank. finally, click on submit.
  8. note down the claim id it helps to check at pf claim status on the epfo portal.

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